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Miscellaneous resources for students and teachers.
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For Students and Instructors

Enhanced WebAssign - Mathematics and Science Printed Access Card

ISBN: 0495109630
Instant feedback, grading precision, and ease of use are just three reasons why WebAssign is the most widely used homework system in higher education. WebAssign’s homework delivery system lets instructors deliver, collect, grade and record assignments via the web. And now, this proven system has been enhanced to include end-of-section problems from Stewart’s Calculus—incorporating exercises, examples, video skillbuilders and quizzes to promote active learning and provide immediate, relevant feedback students want.

Maple CD-ROM

ISBN: 0495012378 (Maple 10)
ISBN: 0495390526 (Maple 11)
Maple provides an advanced, high performance mathematical computation engine with fully integrated numerics and symbolics, all accessible from a WYSIWYG technical document environment. Available for bundling with your Stewart Calculus text at a special discount.

Tools for Enriching Calculus On-line

Tools for Enriching Calculus (TEC) functions both as a powerful presentation tool for instructors, and as a tutorial environment in which students can explore and review selected topics. The simulation modules in TEC include audio explanations of the concept, along with exercises, examples, and instructions. TEC also contains Homework Hints for representative exercises from the text (indicated in blue in the text). Please contact your Brooks/Cole representative for information on optionally bundling the TEC CD with your text.

Click here for the Web Version of TEC

For Students

The following resources are available to enhance student learning and most are available separately for student purchase via our online catalog. Please note that some items are automatically packaged with the text and are not sold separately. Instructors, please contact your sales representative if you would like information on other packaging alternatives.

Student Solutions Manual

ISBN: 0495012343 (Single variable) | ISBN: 0495012289 (Multivariable)
Provides completely worked out solutions to all odd-numbered exercises within the text, giving students a way to check their answers and ensure that they took the correct steps to arrive at an answer.

Study Guide

ISBN: 0495012335 (Single Variable) | ISBN: 0495012270 (Multivariable)
This helpful guide contains a short list of key concepts; a short list of skills to master; a brief introduction to the ideas of the section; an elaboration of the concepts and skills, including extra worked-out examples; and links in the margin to earlier and later material in the text and Study Guide.

Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM

ISBN: 0495012173
Think of it as portable office hours! The Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM contains more than eight hours of video instruction with detailed explanations and strategies for approaching key examples from the textbook.

CalcLabs for Maple

ISBN: 0495012351 (Single Variable) | ISBN: 0495012319 (Multivariable)
This comprehensive lab manual will help students learn to effectively use the technology tools available to them. Written specifically to correlate with the popular Maple software, each lab contains clearly explained exercises and a variety of labs and projects to accompany the text.

CalcLabs for Mathematica

ISBN: 0495382450 (Single Variable) | ISBN: 0495118907 (Multivariable)
This comprehensive lab manual will help students learn to effectively use the technology tools available to them. Written specifically to correlate with the popular Mathematica software, each lab contains clearly explained exercises and a variety of labs and projects to accompany the text.

For Instructors

The following resources are available to instructors only upon adoption of the text. (Some restrictions may apply). To request a review copy or for details on policies, please contact your sales representative or Thomson Higher Education Academic Support at 800-423-0563.

Multimedia Manager Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 049501222X
Contains PowerPoint lecture outline, database of all the art in the text, animated versions of key figures from the text, and an electronic copy of the Instructor's Guide and Test Bank.

Instructor's Guide

ISBN: 0495012149
Each section of the main text is discussed from several viewpoints and contains suggested time to allot, points to stress, text discussion topics, core materials for lecture, and workshop/discussion suggestions. The guide includes single variable and multivariable content.

Solution Builder

The online Solution Builder lets instructors easily build and save customized solution sets either for printing or posting on password-protected class websites. Visit to request an account.

Printed Solutions Manual

ISBN: 0495012327 (Single Variable) | ISBN: 0495012297 (Multivariable)
Includes worked-out solutions to all exercises in the text.

Printed Test Bank

ISBN: 0495012211
This printed Test Bank includes multiple-choice and short-answer test items that key directly to the text. (Includes single variable and multivariable content).

ExamView® (Windows/Macintosh CD-ROM)

ISBN: 0495382396
Create, deliver, and customize tests and study guides (both print and online) in minutes with this easy-to-use assessment and tutorial software on CD. Includes complete questions from the Calculus: Early Transcendentals Test Bank.

JoinIn™ (with Installation CD-ROM)

ISBN: 0495118745
Enhance how your students interact with you, your lecture, and each other. Thomson Brooks/Cole is now pleased to offer you book-specific content for Response Systems tailored to Stewart's CALCULUS, allowing you to transform your classroom and assess your students' progress with instant in-class quizzes and polls. Pose book-specific questions and display students' answers seamlessly within the Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides of your own lecture, in conjunction with the "clicker" hardware of your choice. Contact your local Thomson representative to learn more.

Text-Specific Instructor DVDs

ISBN: 0495012181
Text-specific DVD set, available at no charge to adopters. Each DVD features a 10- to 20-minute problem solving lesson for each section of the chapter. Covers both single- and multivariable calculus.